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Learn more about how Englander became the world's foremost mattress company.

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Who we are

Englander is different than other mattress companies.

Englander Mattresses Include

Designed & Built in the USA

All of our mattresses are built and designeed in the United States of America.

Proven materials built to last.

All of our products are built to perfection. Guaranteed the best quality to our customers.

3° Open Air layer for sleeping cool.

Our Products have the features that included the 3° open Air layer to ensure your sleep with coolness.

Contouring designs for deeper sleep.

Our Designs are meant to focus on your sleep. Ensuring that you are sleeping with comfort.

Industry Precision

Since its founding in 1894, and over the decades the American Englander mattress brand has spread no effort to perfect the arts and sciences of sleep. Today, Englander combines authentic craftmanship with the highest levels of technical perfection to deliver the ultimate sleep comfort.

Our Value

Celebrating More Than a Century of Excellence.

Max Englander of New York founded the Englander Sleep Products Company in 1984. Englander combines old world craftmanship with state-of -the art design to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort.

The company offers a range of comfort systems to meet the expanded needs and discriminating tastes of today’s customers. And every Englander mattress delivers on the original promise… Better sleep, by design.


Here in Englander, We Create To Inspire, We Care about Your Daily Comfort & Aim to Match Your Expectations With The Perfect Value.


We Craft our Products with an Eye For The Detail & Simple Hand-Crafted Designs yet fulfilling Your Needs is always our Focus.

Why Choose Us?


Protect Your Body From Head to Leg

The Spring is one of the most important key components in an innerspring mattress.

Englander Unique Product Features

The best of both world for natural latex and visco elastic foam

More sleeping surface, no fall over effect near the edge

Our environmentally responsible approach to the details

Double heat tempered coil, 2 times firmer support

Firm base support for your spine, soft top cushioning for pressure relief

Latest American sleep technology

You'll Always Sleep Better at Englander

At Englander, we’ve spent decades mastering the art and science of sleep. And we design that experience into every mattress we make.

It shows in our advanced foam technology, state-of-the-art design, and the value and quality we offer at every price point. But most of all, it shows in the support, durability, and deep, restful sleep that have been Englander’s trademark for more than a century. You’ll not only sleep better, you’ll feel the difference all day long.

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